1. Are you producing and reviewing monthly management accounts?


2. Are you producing and reviewing budgets and cash flows?


3. Are you running and reconciling your client account to adhere to industry guidelines?


4. Wouldn't you rather be delegating all this to someone else?  


5. Is your current accountant processing your bookkeeping function?


If the answer to 1-3 is NO or DON'T KNOW then Onyx Management Accounting Ltd can help you. If the answer to 4 and 5 is YES then Onyx Management Accounting Ltd are just for you.


Let us deal with the financial department of your business, leaving you time to concentrate on obtaining fees for the firm and reducing your costs if currently prepared by your year end accountant. The turnaround in profits can be substantial. We provide a detailed set of accounts, budget and cash flow forecasts each month discussing these figures with the directors/owners so you can make informed decisions on the future trading of your business.


This can well be a cost effective solution to your year end accountancy requirements too. Coming from a year end accountancy background, we know what your accountant requires in order to complete your annual accounts. The financial accounts will be provided to them in a format meaning you will just have to meet up with your accountant to finalise the figures and let them produce your tax returns - surely decreasing your current year end accountancy costs.


To complete the accounting package, your payroll function can also be undertaken at a price your accountant would struggle to compete with if this is who is currently running your payroll.


Please call us on 01462 733851 or email us at info@onyxaccounting.co.uk to arrange a free, no obligation meeting to discuss your requirements.


We look forward to hearing from you.