Management accounting function

Regular, accurate management information is vital to the continued success of your business.

Our quarterly or monthly management accounting function, bespoke to your industry, can help you to keep track of your business’ performance long before the annual accounts are available.

We will take the time to clearly explain the figures to you to help with forward planning and decision making.

Year end accounts

Your business has a statutory obligation to produce accounts at the end of each financial year that comply with the relevant regulations. However, the preparation of these accounts can also provide a massive insight into your business and can be used to identify tax and efficiency savings and also potential hazards or errors.

Onyx will take you through your end of year accounts explaining the figures and any fluctuations. These accounts should be used to help shape the future direction of the business through effective and informed decision making.


We offer a completely confidential and cost-effective end to end service including all aspects of your workplace pension auto enrolment obligations. Payroll is also an area where businesses can fall foul of the General Data Protection Regulations introduced in 2018. Our payroll services use the latest software to ensure you will remain compliant.


Whatever software you use, our bookkeeping specialists are dedicated to maintaining your books in impeccable order. At Onyx we use Quickbooks, but our team is experienced in many other software packages. This will enable your VAT returns and year end accounts to be prepared in a much more efficient manner.

We can also provide friendly training sessions and set up, if you wish to keep your bookkeeping function in-house.


We prepare VAT returns for every type of entity. Our service comes with client access to Receipt Bank software at no charge, allowing you to keep copies of your receipts within the Receipt Bank app rather than a “brown paper bag”!

Industry specific reporting

Your industry may require specific reports, whether these be for HMRC or other regulators, Onyx can prepare these for you in an accurate and timely manner, giving you confidence that all deadlines have been met and avoiding any risk of penalties.

Company secretarial

All companies in the UK are required to have a registered office address which is the office address for all correspondence from Companies House and HMRC.This address will appear on public records and should also be displayed on company paperwork and websites. If you would prefer to keep your address private, Onyx offers a registered office service.

This service allows Onyx to receive and process all correspondence from Companies House and HMRC avoiding delays.

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